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Miniature Landscapes 0

Artist Creates Miniature Landscapes Which Look Real

Vatsal Kataria from VAT KAT Photography has created some amazing miniature landscapse of stuff ranging from monuments like stonehedge to cars racing! When photographed with his perfect lighting settings and special effects its difficult...

Tonya Harding (Figure Skating) 0

10 Famous Sports Persons To Get Arrested

Sports are considered to be a great career and the sportsmen to be true professionals. However, at times these professionals end up indulging in wrong doings which bring not only bad name to them...

Offbeat ideas for thanks giving - Letter 0

Offbeat Ideas For Thanksgiving

The awaited weekend of Thanksgiving is just around the corner. With flights already being booked Thanksgiving destinations are already full to be brim. It is, therefore, time that some unique ideas can be tried...

Hilarious Chats 0

10+ People Who Have Perfected The Art Of Sarcasm

Sarcasm is a language that is tough to perfect. Giving those quirky replies just at the right moment is not everybody’s cup of tea. Here are some people who have perfected the art of Sarcasm....

Top 5 New York Yankees Players - Mariano Rivera 0

Top 5 New York Yankees Players!

New York Yankees are considered to be a dynasty that has produced some of the greatest players who have set foot on the baseball field. Some of the popular Yankees of all times included...

About to have a baby 0

Things To Know Before Having A Baby

A baby is the best gift life can give you. The presence of a child will definitely usher in happiness in your life. However, you need to follow certain rules to ensure that when...

Cheaters getting Caught 0

Cheaters Getting Caught Red-handed

Relationships are built on trust. Sometimes they just go down the drain because of doubt but what if someone cheats despite being trusted. Well there is no coming back from there, but lets not talk about...

Brilliant Ad Campaign for Job Portal 0

Brilliant Ad Campaign for Job Portal

JobsInTown did an excellent advertisement outdoor advertisement on leaving the wrong job. Check these brilliant and hilarious ad placements. Makes you think how consequential your job is. Are you in the wrong job?

Oil Painiting ready to sell 0

How To Know If Your Oil Painting Is Ready To Sell

A beginner’s oil painting could always be not up to the mark and they could feel dejected even to come up with a new one. However, after several attempts, a refined product comes up...

Bored at work 0

These People Are Super Bored At Work!

Have you ever been bored at work? We bet you have! Here are few people whose inner artist woke up when they got bored at work check these masterpieces.

Illustrations On Living With A Dog 0

Illustrations On Living With A Pet

If you have had a pet you will know the attention they demand. And if you live alone with a pet you can imaging how you are the only one whose attention the pet...

Hilarious Kitchen Fails! 0

Hilarious Kitchen Fails!

Cooking seems simple but it needs a lot of practice. While some people pick it up quickly other are a disaster when in Kitchen. Here are some hilarious images from Kitchen fails. These people should...

Carrie (2013) 0

Top 10 Stephen King Movies!

Stephen King is considered to be one of the most successful authors. Dozens of films have been made out of his stories. Below are ranked top 10 of his stories which have been adopted...

Art created by Nature (5) 0

Art Created By Nature

Nature is one of the greatest art of evolution. But sometimes nature starts creating art!. Here are images of times when nature created wonders through its art.

Photos clicked at the right moment 0

Perfectly Timed Photos

Photography is not an easy skill. To get a perfect photo you need hours of practice on camera handling. This is followed by research of the subject, and creating the right moment for the...

Brilliant No Smoking Campaigns 0

8 Brilliant No Smoking Campaigns

We all know smoking is injurious to health and there have been various warnings and campaigns around the same. To quit smoking is not easy. Studies show around 70% of smokers want to quit smoking...

Snapchats From The Morning After 0

Snapchats From The Morning After

We all have had times when we partied so hard that we could not remember anything from the last night. Well if you haven’t you are missing something in life. Here are some snapchat...

Satirical Illustrations By Pawel Kuczynski (1) 0

More Satirical Illustrations!

We have shared some brilliant Satirical Illustrations by Artist Pawel Kuczynski  earlier. Her are some more of his works again some some brilliant illustrations which are perfect satire on the society. See how many can you relate...

Ephemeralism Art by Fra.Biancoshock 0

Ephemeralism Art by Fra.Biancoshock

Fra.Biancoshock creates art knowing that it wont last forever. In fact he knows some of his art pieces will not even last a day but he still creates art where ever he sees potential....

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard 0

The Most Searched Celebrities!

Ever wondered who the most searched celebrities in the world are? You will certainly be amazed to see the names. Needless to say, none of these need an introduction. 10. Tyga Tyga is a...

What to do with old clothes (7) 0

Dad’s Shirt Become Daughters Dress!

A lot of times we have clothes that are still in awesome condition but we do not wear them for various reason like “Does not fit anymore”, “Do not like the color” or simply...

Amazing Satirical Illustrations 0

Amazing Satirical Illustrations

Artist Pawel Kuczynski has created some brilliant illustrations which are perfect satire on the society. Check these out to see how relatable they are to today’s society.

Mom vs dad Memes 0

Hilarious Mom vs Dad Memes

We all know that men can never match the level of care women show to children. Men do not love kids less, but just their idea of keeping kids amused is a bit different....

famous logos redone 0

Famous Logos Optimized To Use Less Ink!

When the whole world is looking to do things differently and go eco-friendly to protect the environment, someone has retouched some of the most famous logos such that they would use less ink when printed. Check...

Bad Dad Jokes 0

Best Bad Dad Jokes!

Lets be true, we all love bad jokes and check them out secretly. Here are some of the best bad jokes from bad dad joke wars and other places. Check these out and take...

Success after failure 0

12 Examples That Success Comes In Due Time!

We get disheartened at small hurdles in our life, but we should remember success is not a gift its result of unwavering dedication. Here are 12 examples of people who became insanely successful after initial...

Cal Ripken 0

10 Baseball Records That May Never Be Broken

Every sporting event has its unique set of records and baseball is no exception. This game has also seen numerous records being created and some of these may perhaps be never broken. Below are...

Funny Toilet Signs 0

Hilarious Toilet Signs!

Toilet signs are mainly just to indicate the genders. But off late the boring “Men” and “Women” sign has got creative. Here are some of the many fun ny toilet signs.