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10 Highly Creative Sink Designs That You Must See

No matter how much you decorate your home, you get judged most by the appearance of your bathroom. One of the most important things in every bathroom is the sink. Check out these amazing...

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Some Pointers On Personality Traits!

Ever thought of taking up psychology as your field of study or regret not taking up psychology as the field of your study. Well many of you must be familiar with some of these...

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Barbell Breaks In Weightlifting Championship!

So in a local Weightlifting championship this guy impresses everyone by a near perfect lift but when he released the weights everyone was surprised and confused. As soon as the barbell hit the ground...

This is why men die younger 0

This Is Why Women Live Longer Than Men!

We have often come across the fact that women live longer than men and we have statistics to prove it every time. However this time around we look at the real reasons as to...

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Awesome Bicycle Stands To Park!

Using bicycles is one of the most healthy means of communication. Not only does it keep the environment clean but also helps us stay fit, and using bicycle becomes even great when you have such awesomely...

World Economy Explained With Just Two Cows! 0

The World Economy Explained With Just Two Cows!

Newtalk ZB has created  some posters with the title “The world economy explained with just two cows.” This is plain hilarious, you will love these definitions. P.S.: No offence meant to anyone.

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Innovative Temporary Pools To Fight Summers!

We all feel helpless during summers and some of us who can not take out time for a holiday. and feel club memberships are too costly for them come out with surprisingly cool, sometimes weird,...

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Lesser The Money In Travel, More The Experience!

We shared a story about how a man who got laid off in 2008 travelled the world with almost no money and what all he learned in that experience. Well here we bring to you...

Fake Customer care trolling people 0

Fake Customer Service Trolling Customers! Hilarious!

Ever had a rough experience with your favorite brand contacted customer service for feedback. We know how at times it can be tough to deal the representatives at the customer service, but what is even more frustrating...

First Wireless Bungee Jump Is Magnetism trick 0

Bungee Jumping Without Bungee Rope! Are You Game?

Most of us are scared of doing Bungee Jumping. Yes it is terrifying when you stand at 100s of meter above the ground looking to jump with just a rope to support you. You...

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Top 10 Flawless Beauties In The World

It’s not that easy to list the most beautiful women in the world when there is countless number of flawless and attractive women around. From a huge list of smart, intelligent and gorgeous beauties...

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Paintball, Laser Tag Days Are Over! Lets Do Some Archery!

If Laser Tag and Paintball do not excite you anymore, well may be mutilating your opponents with archery arrows will give you some. If laser tag and paintball are your favorites this will go straight...

Tatsuya Tanaka - 'Miniature Calendar' 0

Tatsuya Tanaka’s ‘Miniature Calendar’!! Simply Wow!

Tatsuya Tanaka, a Japanese Artist saw something extraordinary in everyday objects, he created miniature versions of humans and placed them with everyday objects to create a world of there own like Broccoli acting as...

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25 Funny And Embarrassing Selfie Fails!

People love taking selfies. That’s a common trend these days. Some people have been here are also trying to do the same but seems like all the efforts have gone wasted as their selfies are...

Outstanding Paper Sculptures by Peter Callesen 0

Outstanding Paper Sculptures by Peter Callesen

Peter Callesen, is an artist from denmark who has created some really amazing art by using only and only white paper, of course some scissors, paper cutter and glue was used. He did not...

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20 Awkward Pictures From Your Childhood Memories

Now that you are grown, you would be understanding the real meaning of these images from your childhood cartoon shows and would pray that your kids just stay away from these. Avoid watching them while you...

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World Tour With No Money In Pocket!

Many people dream about traveling around the world, but most of them do not even travel around their own country. People have some or the other excuse to avoid travelling and the most common excuse...

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12 Funny Conversations From Two And Half Men

Two and half men has been a great show from the time it started back in 2003. The series ended in February 2015 after completing its twelve hilarious seasons. You would find all these...

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10 Brutally Honest Quotes By Neil DeGrasse Tyson

If you removed all the arteries, veins, & capillaries from a person’s body, and tied them end-to-end…the person will die. Don’t know if it’s good or bad that a Google search on “Big Bang Theory” lists the...

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Hilarious Reactions By Animals Getting Closer To The Mirror

Animals don’t have much experience of watching themselves in mirror and they react strangely while facing one. Watch this video of animals giving hilarious reactions while getting closer with the mirror.