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Tallest Water Slide in the world 0

Tallest Water Slide: First Person View

The talks about the world’s tallest water slide are done and it has been started for public. For those of you who like adventure this is one hell of a ride. Even the designer...

Reveal Timestamp hidden features of iPhone 0

Cool Hidden Features Of iPhone You Must Know

Your iPhone has some cool hidden features and it can do some pretty amazing things that you probably aren’t aware of. Here’s a list of some of the features. 1. Shake to undo Must...

Poquentica LakeBoliviaChile 0

The 10 Highest Lakes In The World!

When we think of water bodies, mostly we imagine all low-lying “at sea level”, don’t we? But in recent times more and more lakes have been discovered which sit high above the sea level,...

Awesome Road Trip 0

6 Reasons Your Next Holiday Should Be A Road Trip!

Breaks are absolutely necessary in life. A holiday, even for a weekend, every 3-6 months is absolutely necessary. and what better way can it be than road tripping. If you haven’t taken a road...

Eusebio- Best footballer of all time 0

10 Best Footballers Of All Time

There are plenty of footballers in the world and most of them are known for some or the other amazing skill or achievement. Each generation has their own set of football greats. While, depending...

typography design (3) 0

42 Most Amazing Typography Designs for Inspiration

Search “Typography Designs” or “Typography Posters” and you will get thousands of typographic images. But of the designs you would go through will either be very basic or repetitive. To reduce the pain of...