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17 Unique Christian Music Album Covers

Have you seen this piece of art from past? These album covers were designed way back for the music developed keeping Christian god in mind. Some of them are awkward while some have a...

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10 Ways To Show Your Love Without Saying

Some people are not good at expressing their love. They like doing special things to make their love ones feel how much they are being loved. Here are interesting illustrations by lastlemon that are...

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10 Perfectly Photographed Sunset Moments

Sunset’s are the most romantic moments for everyone. Sometimes we specially visit locations to watch the beautiful sunsets at perfect locations from where they are visible properly. If you too are one of those...

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20 Pictures Showing Beautiful Florescent Makeup

Neon shades are in these days especial for night clubs and special parties. People prefer wearing florescent makeup for their special night events. And look at these requirements, makeup artists have come up with...

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9 Amazing Water Paintings By Monica Loya

Painting is not a an easy task. This artistic technique is god gifted. You surely need practice to give amazing results but even to give a good kick start one needs to be backed...

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15 Things Creative People Do In Their Own Different Way

Creativity has its own distinct path. The creative people of the lot travel this path often and do things in such a unique manner that it does make heads turn away. They take on...

Make Drawings using Numbers 1

Quick Drawings Made With Numbers!

Often find it tough to teach your children how to draw various animals. This quick guide will help you finish your little ones homework quickly and also inscribe creativity in you. Try these wonderful...

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16 Pictures Depicting Interesting Food Art Ideas

Even without defined tricks these images are explaining the artistic feeling clearly. See them and you can easily learn the new ways of decorating your food. Serve food using these interesting food art ideas...

Tattoo Art by Russian Artist Valentina Ryabova 0

Lifelike Tattoo Art By Russian Artist Valentina Ryabova

We have shared with you various tattoo ideas, fonts to be used in tattoos and even texts for text based tattoos along with a lot of other tattoo inspired material. But this time we are going...

Ioana Vanc Food Illustrations on Spoon (11) 0

This Food Art Is Like Nothing You Have Seen Before!

We have seen a lot of artists creating a House of Cards, Sculptures out of Match Sticks and what not. Create something out of totally unimaginable is what today’s artists are looking for. And...

Amazing Shadow Art 0

Shadow Art: A New Level Of Art Using Light!

Art has many forms, and all the forms are interesting and amusing in their own way. Art is incomplete without imagination, and imagination  along with a lot of skill and patience is all it...

Free Music Download 0

Top 10 Websites Download Free Music!

Music lovers no longer need to head to the store to get their favorite music album. Thanks to the advent of internet, getting your favorite music is only a mouse click away. Below we...

Clothes from fruits by - Gretchen Röehrs (17) 0

Taste the Runway: Fashion Illustrations By Gretchen Röehrs!

Gretchen Röehrs has used her simplistic approach to create something wonderful. Here she has created some fashion illustrations using a few strokes of pen, some food items and a super creative brain. Check out...

Beautiful Snow sculptures 0

Amazing Snow Sculptures From Various Festivals!

Winters are around the corner and every year during winters a lot of Snow Sculpture making festivals happen across the world. These festivals see some seasoned artists making remarkable structures out of snow to display their...

Jewelry Made From Coloured Pencils 0

Jewelry Made From Pencil Colors Looks Stunning!

Making jewelry is a very high level art and requires a lot of thinking and then precision while implementing the thoughts. Here Anna Čurlejová, a jewelry designer from Czech Republic has created some stunning jewelry using...

Souter Stormers - Yarn Bombing Your Town 0

104 Year Old Street Artist: Yarn Bombing Her Town!

Our grannies were the best knitters we knew, but as good as they could possibly get they still might not match the feat of granny who bombed her town with her yarn. She says she...

DIY Toys made with Cardboard 0

DIY Cardboard Box Toys For Kids!

With the speed at which the prices of toys are increasing clubbed with the advent of not so constructive toys which hardly impart any creativity in kids the future of our children is surely doomed....

MOHAMMED SATTAR - Dreamland-680x450 0

You Don’t Take a Photograph, You Make it.

Mohammed Sattar, is a professional photographer, born and brought up in Basra in Southern Iraq. He is not just a photographer but someone you would call a retoucher. He believes that photographs are not just...

Distancing humans in digital world 0

Distancing Humans In This Digital World!

Kamil Kotarba is a photographer from Poland who has created a very unique series of images which show the sad state of humans in today’s digital world. He, through his photographs and artwork shows how...

Surreal World by Charlie Davoli- ulitimate artwork 0

The Surreal World By Charles Davoli!

Charles Davoli uses multiple forms of art to create ultimate masterpieces. The surreal world, as his artwork is called, will actually take you to another world, a world he has created by turning photographs...

“The Prophecy” Warns Against Environmental Damage 0

“The Prophecy” A Warning Against Environmental Damage!

Photographer Fabrice Monteiro in association with the Ecofund organization and Senegalese costume and fashion designer Doulsy (Jah Gal)  to create a series to highlight the destruction of the African landscapes. The series is called...

Awesome Street and wall art 0

Awesome 3D Street And Wall Art On Display!

Some Great Street and Wall Art by artists from around the world. Some of these look so real that you will take a minute before realizing that these are just illustrations and not real.

Graphite Drawings Look Insanely Real (2) 0

‘Extra-Real’ Graphite Drawings By Taisuke Mohri!

Taisuke Mohri is an artist from Japan who creates some fantastic sketches using graphite which probably look normal if you think it is made by some good artist, then he puts them in cracked frames to...

Nature Creating Heart With Art 0

Nature+Art+Love = Spectacular Hearts!

  Nature, Art and Love all three are exceptionally beautiful things if you have a vision to see. But when all combine it is a spectacle. Here is nature showing love through its Art.

Awesome photos that look totally fake 0

Awesome Photos That Look Totally Fake But Are Not!

Some Photos are mesmerising, while others are an optical illusion created by trick photography and still others are photoshoped. Well here are a few photographs that are neither a big trick nor photoshopped but...