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These Images From “Black Twitter” Are Simply Hilarious!

Few of you might be knowing about “Black Twitter”. For those who don’t know what it is, Black Friday is a cultural identity created by African-American users on Twitter to get sociopolitical changes pertaining to the...

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Hilarious Typos Are Not Only A Part OF Chatting!

We have seen a lot of typos over the years, typos or typing errors have become quite common with fast typing on mobile phones but chatting is not the only thing where typos turn hilarious. Here...

American Students Mark Map Of Europe (2) 1

And This How Americans Mark Countries Of Europe!

In the same survey, where British students marked American states in a sad but hilarious manner, some Americans students were also asked to mark various countries of Europe. The results were not surprising. The American...

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17 Most Ugly Wedding Dresses. # 8 Looks Horrible!

You would never want to marry if this is what your designer designs for your wedding. Check out the most horrible wedding dresses ever made:                  ...

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Reading In Public And Getting It Wrong!

Reading in public is a hobby a lot of people enjoy. But while in public you should not read just anything. Sure books are not be segregated on the bases of caste, creed, region, religion,...

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Brutally Honest Taglines For Famous Brands!

If brands were honest with us what would have been their tag lines. Here we share with you some brutally honest slogans and taglines for some of the brands we use day to day!

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Hilarious Menu Fails! Must Read!

Restaurants try to give unique name to the items in their menu to tempt customers. All the restaurants try to keep some unique stuff to offer to their customers. But here are some menus...

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Siri Has Got A Quirky Sense Of Humor!

So Siri here has got quite a nice sense of humor these days! Siri is using sarcasm, flattering and much more to be funny. Just check some of the replies. Some Other questions to...

Bad spacing creating comedy - fail 0

Bad Spacing Creating Havok! Epic Fail!

I am no grammar nazi. Nor do I point people generally at their mistakes because even I am not perfect but here are examples of people who have made such big blunders while creating...

Dads making awesome puns 0

Dads Making Awesome Puns!

Some Puns blow your mind while some are so stupid that you wish to blow your mind yourself! Here are some puns made by dad which if were made by anyone else would have made...

Utterly Stupid People On Social Media 0

Utterly Stupid People On Social Media!

Social Media these days has become a very powerful platform. Some People use it to went out their anger and some use it to express their happiness, for some it is a platform to share...

Brands With Funny Banners 0

Funny Restaurant Banners FAIL!

Marketing blunders are one thing but here are times when brands had put some weird things to get customers attention but the banners turned out to be extremely funny. Here are 12 times our...

People Drunk at office do weird stuff 0

Hangover At Office On A Monday! Epic Disaster!!!

Monday is definitely a tough day at office, unless you work on weekends of course; and if your Monday I preceded by a weekend full of party, it becomes all the more tough to...

Mobile Phones More Important than anything 0

When People Are Way Too Addicted With Their Mobiles!

No doubt mobile phones have become a very essential part of our lives, but some people have gone way too far with  their addiction to these. Here are some people who can risk anything...

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Everything Is Evolving And Its Funny!

We know how we used to be apes and slowly and gradually evolved into our current form, but it’s not only we or other life forms that have evolved in fact everything around us...

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Amazingly Funny Coincidences!

Coincidences happen all the time. It just take an eye to recognise the extraordinary in the ordinary. Earlier we wished “We could show what we are witnessing to our friends” but now with technology...

This is why men die younger 0

This Is Why Women Live Longer Than Men!

We have often come across the fact that women live longer than men and we have statistics to prove it every time. However this time around we look at the real reasons as to...

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25 Funny And Embarrassing Selfie Fails!

People love taking selfies. That’s a common trend these days. Some people have been here are also trying to do the same but seems like all the efforts have gone wasted as their selfies are...

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20 Awkward Pictures From Your Childhood Memories

Now that you are grown, you would be understanding the real meaning of these images from your childhood cartoon shows and would pray that your kids just stay away from these. Avoid watching them while you...

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Hilarious Reactions By Animals Getting Closer To The Mirror

Animals don’t have much experience of watching themselves in mirror and they react strangely while facing one. Watch this video of animals giving hilarious reactions while getting closer with the mirror.

Latest invention from Colin Furze's kitty is an alarm that will definitely wake you up. 0

A Bed That Will Definitely Wake You Up!

Latest invention from Colin Furze’s kitty is an alarm that will definitely wake you up. Yes an alarm that is designed in a way that it can not fail to wake you up. It is not just...

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16 Tattoos From Worst Tattoo Creation & Corrections

These guys went to their extreme to make things worse of the guys with Tattoos. These Tattoos, now look horrible, pathetic and funny in few cases. It would have been better to get ride...

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17 Pictures Showing Few Horribly Designed Dresses

It’s totally alright to do blunders that are a part of our human nature. But when it comes to global levels, especially when all the eyes are on you, you just can’t afford to...

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19 Extremely Hilarious Perfectly Timed Photos

Creative men come with creative ideas. They have their own way of showing their creativity. Couple of them has shown their awesome piece of work here. These perfectly timed photos are an example of...