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Websites To Read Short Stories - Classic Shorts 0

10 Websites To Read Short Stories!

With changing times, the instinct of people has changed towards reading. While in older times, printed editions of story books were common, online reading is getting popular now. There are numerous such websites where...

100 years ago French artists predicted year 2000 0

This Is What People Thought Of Us in 1900s!

In 1900 some french artist made some futuristic images in attempt to predict how the life would be in 2000 i.e. 100 years ahead of their time. Some images make sense while some might...

Things To Buy On This Black Friday Sale - tablets 0

Things To Buy On This Black Friday Sale!

Black Friday is all about good stuff at rock bottom prices. Stores offer genuine discounts on a range of products and you can go on a shopping spree.Below are listed some of the things that...

Benefits of Squats (2) 0

Some Amazing Benefits Of Squats!

Exercise always has its unique benefits and squats are no exception. These are considered to be the best of weight lifting exercises and help you achieve better body tone. We shared types of squats which...

Stop Reproducing 1

Should Humans Stop Reproducing?

Human beings are an important part of the planet Earth. They have evolved through ages and today owing to their emotional and intellectual intent, they can have become one of the most valuable creature on...

Fictional Characters that affected real world - Robin Hood 0

Influential Characters Who Never Lived!

There are numerous people who have influenced our lives in some ways. They have created a niche for themselves and are remembered long after they have gone. However, there do exist some influential people...

Sign Language 1

A Town Learned Sign Language To Surprise Deaf Neighbor!

Communicating our thoughts becomes hard for everyone from time to time but for some it is a bigger challenge. A resident of suburban Bağcılar, Muharrem, is hearing impaired and communicates through sign language. But this...

Happy Halloween, Halloween outfits, Halloween costumes, Halloween 0

20 Most Interesting Outfits From Halloween 2015

Hope you all had a amazing time this Halloween. Now it’s time to cherish the moments. Take a look at these costumes from Halloween 2015. All of them show these guys celebrated the best Halloween...

Chester City Council Prank 0

Why Does This Bench Says Only For Affluent People?

A prankster at Chaster City Council has installed some funny sign boards at various locations. England’s Chester City has made some plans to introduce a Public Space Protection Order, as they feel their is...

Yamaha Humanoid 0

World Champion Rossi Challenged By A Robot!

While all the companies were busy showcasing their latest automobiles and technologies in the Tokyo Motor Show this year, Yamaha turned the heads by showcasing something that was not what everyone expects to see...

Top 10 Cheese for Pizza - Pizza stufed with cheese 0

Top 10 Cheese To Make Delicious Pizzas!

Cheese is an important component of pizza. Numerous varieties of cheese exist with some being soft while others are semi firm. Though many of the cheeses variety can be used for making pizza, certain...

Transforming Table (2) 0

This Work Desk Doubles As Bar Table!

If you are staying away from your family, often the problem that you face is either a super expensive house or a small house. A logical option is renting a smaller apartment as you...

8-Types-of-Squats-You-Should-be-doing-Back-Squat 0

8 Types Of Squats That You Should Try!

Gone are the days when squats were either good or bad. The need to look energetic and healthy has given rise to multiple variants of squats. We have listed the most popular one of...

Quick cheats to clean house - Arrange the Kitchen 0

5 Quick Cheats To Fake A Clean House!

With kids around throughout the day, even is cleanest of the home is bound to get messy. The arrival of unexpected guests can create commotion in such situations. You need to fake a clean...

Rich McCor - Transforming landmarks using paper cutouts 0

Look What This Guy Did To Some Of The Famous Landmarks!

A photographer has traveled across Europe and transformed the most famous landmarks using only paper cutouts. Rich McCor’s transformation of landmarks like Big Ben, the Floating Market, London Eye etc are pure genius.

7 Benefits Of Being Self-Employed - 0

7 Benefits Of Being Self-Employed!

Tired of following the commands of your superiors? Perhaps it is the time to turn entrepreneur. Majority of youngsters are now following this trend and turning entrepreneurs and realizing their true worth. Being self...