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Six Uses Of Foursquare Which Makes It Awesome!

Foursquare has split its user experience into two apps in May 2014. The Foursquare team has launched an app named Swarm that help people “keep up and meet up” by checking into places, and...

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The Most Expensive Foods In The World!

Ever went to some restaurant and felt that the food they were serving was way too expensive, well just look at this list and let us know what you feel. 8. $5,000 FleurBurger $5,000 Fleur...

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Totally Useless Facts About Saturn!

Here are some of the totally useless facts about Saturn which are fun and surprising to know but might not help you in your life ever, well almost! 1. Saturn is the second largest...

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Top Ten Fonts For Tattoos!

If one searches Google they will find variety of tattoo fonts available on the web but it while going through them, they will realise that many of these tattoos are so badly designed that even the...