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Struggles Only Live-In Couple Will Understand

Any relationship undergoes a transition when two people start living together. This is the case in marriage as also in live in relations. Below we list five relationship struggles which are very evident with...

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Men vs Women Habits in Info-graphic

Bright Side created this awesome series showcasing the difference in different habits in men and women. Hopefully this will help you understand the opposite-sex a little more.

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This Is Why First Love Is So Special

First love is always special for us and howsoever hard we might try, it is not possible for us to get over the same. 6. You experience the feeling for the first time The...

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7 Common Things People Start Doing Before Breaking Up

Before any relationship ends, the partner who is interested in ending the same starts behaving abnormally and does some common things through which you can judge that the relation might not survive the test...

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10 Compliments All Men Love To Hear Secretly

It might surprise you but men too love to hear compliments. After all who would not like to be hear good things? Below we list of the compliments which men always love to hear...

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10 Awesome Moments In Every Relationship

Every relationship has its unique moments. Some are so special that you might want them to be remembered long enough to cherish later. Below we bring a collection of 10 such awesome moments that...

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The 5 Major Love Stages In Relationships

For a relationship to last long commitment is the prime necessity. Relationship often has various aspects and for a successful and blissful companionship, you need to overcome the challenges which counter you at every...

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It’s Though to Hold on, It’s Horrible to let Go

Relations do impact our psyche and it is always possible that a person undergoes mental depression whenever any emotional turmoil occurs in the life. It is an acceptable fact that in a relation gone...