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What Men Want From Their Life Partner!

Men and women are currently at stalemate, emotionally. Something is happening as women are not opening up to their men while men too are not prioritizing their women. The reason why women are not opening...

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7 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl!

While we always say that you should always be true to the one and pour out your heart in front of them but here is list of a few things which, if spoken, might just...

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10 Reasons that show why she dumped you!

You might go crazy thinking why she dumped you and still would never understand the reason why she dumped you. Girls are just girls. They have a totally different perspective. They start thinking where...

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14 Signals That Prove A Manchild Is Dating You!

You know you are dating a Manchild by checking on these signals below. Manchild? A crazy annoying kid residing inside the grown guy’s body. He is a cute toddler in his habits.  1. No ways, he is...