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NSFW: PETA Proves Vegans Last Longer In Bed!

Do not try watching this PETA Ad outside your house. And before you click on to the play button be sure that kids are far away. PETA has used an unusual way of spreading...

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Artist Gives His Life To Carve Man Made Caves

You won’t have heard about this kind of madness ever in life. Ra Paulette is an artist who is spending his life underground the sandstone hills in New Mexico to carve caves of out of them....

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6 Most Annoying College Roommates

You must have met many people during your college hostel days. Some of these might have annoyed you to the core while others might have turned into lifelong friends. Below we list some of...

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19 Hiccups Even The Happiest Couples Experience

Every relationship goes through a challenging phase where things are not as rosy as they might have seemed during initial days. Getting over these hiccups and leading a happier life is what makes a...

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15 Winter Photos Will Make You Crave To Feel The Snow

You would want to go to the most amazing snowy locations this year for your vacations after watching these beautiful locations covered with awesome white snow all around. Leaves, cars, houses everything is covered...

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15 Extremely Hilarious Wedding Moments

These images at weddings are captured just in time. It’s obviously the photographer’s job to capture all the wedding moments during the shoot and may be he did it fairy well by clicking these...

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Things That You Should To Do To Save More While Traveling

Are you crazy about traveling this holiday season? Your New Year resolution should be to save money and enjoy your holidays. You only need visionary planning and some clever thinking for saving those extra...

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Body Painting Seems To Be The Best Job Ever!

Body paintings job is a blessing in disguise and this gets proved here through all the pictures below. These artists have gone to a great extent to prove how skillful they are. And by...

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Why Being Single in 20s Is Better

Being young is always exciting. You have nothing to worry and the world seems to be at your feet. Being single in 20s is always the best thing to happen. 10. Your friends are...

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Funniest Compilation Of Scary Pranks!

Check out the funniest compilation of scary pranks by people around. These guys have made their mates scare and are making us laugh out loudly. You will end up laughing for hours after watching this video.

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16 Inspirational Quotes To Start A Good Day!

Life’s increasing struggle keeps us going with a blocked mind day by day. And we can’t go away from them as if we have tuned our brains in some sort of a process that we...

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17 Hilarious Photographs Of Drunk People

Relax and watch what these drunk people are up to. After having so many bottles of alcohol they have become a target of mockery for their friends. See how their friends have made fun...

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14 Ugly Photos You Would Not Want To See Them Again!

At times, weird things happen around and you don’t notice them with naked eyes. But they get captured in the cameras. These images haunt us sometimes too. One are such images while sometimes people do...

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10 Tricks By Which You Can Simplify Your Living

Life is already complicated lot and if you are not able to manage things it can get complicated enough. Try the below listed tricks and your life can get easier to manage. 10. Consolidate...