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funny fb status

12 Extremely Ridiculous Status Posted On Facebook

Facebook or twitter are too most interesting website for social sharing and we are too addicted to them that we have got into the habit of sharing anything or everything there. a small bunch of...

tower-of-london. haunted tower-of- London 0

5 Haunting Stories That Will Haunt You For Life

Haunting stories have always sparked our curiosity. These have been told since centuries and passed down generations. These paranormal stories have not only frightened people but have made them go hysterical when it comes...

deadpool & titanic melody 0

Deadpool Enters Titanic And This Happens

This terrific melody of Deadpool in Titanic is extremely hilarious. You would continue laughing for hours and would surely switch on this video again and again to watch their terrific combination. Take a look:

Car Rabbit Ear and Tail 0

15 Interesting Gadgets For Your Car

Driving in city conditions can get tough at times. It is during these hard times that you need some gadgets which can make your life a bit easier to manage. Read through the post...

Classic Canvas Converse Sneakers 0

6 Variety Of Sneakers You Must Wear

Girls think they know more but the fact is, these days boys have more fashion sense than girls these days. Surely, the trend it such that weather it is boy or girl, everyone must look...

Hitler, Adolf Hitler 0

10 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Hitler

Adolf Hitler was the most feared man in history for the fact that he was responsible for the death of over six million Jewish people in 1940s. The world knows much about Adolf Hitler...

sports moments, Olympic moments 0

Most Memorable Moments From Olympics

An important sporting activity, Olympics gives an opportunity to the talented sports personalities to come under one roof and display their sporting skills. This sporting event has had its share of memorable moments too...

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16 Surprising Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

You wouldn’t have imagine these things really happened or exists esp. referring to many instances that happened in past. Check out these 16 surprising facts will surely blow your mind:        ...

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14 Fresh & Funny Memes To Enjoy Today

Let’s laugh for a while today by scrolling down and checking out these amazingly fresh and funny memes placed right here below. Have a happy weekend with this laughter dose:        ...

confidence 0

9 Effective Tips On How To Become Confident

Confidence is a big morale booster. If you have a confident approach in life, tackling difficult issues in life becomes relatively easy. Being confident comes from within but you can always learn to be...

craziness, craziness overloaded, creepy hairstyles 0

16 Funniest Hairstyles Ever!

We understand people get crazy at times and experiment with themselves. Here are few funniest examples of their craziness and on top of everything they could manage to get such hairstyles. Or may be...

failed, ideas that failed, worst business ideas 0

Worst Business Ideas Ever That Failed For Good

Business ideas are often born out of innovation. However if ample research work has not been done on the idea or concept, it is bound to fail. Below are listed some of these worst...

neon makeup, amazing makeup 0

20 Pictures Showing Beautiful Florescent Makeup

Neon shades are in these days especial for night clubs and special parties. People prefer wearing florescent makeup for their special night events. And look at these requirements, makeup artists have come up with...

skinny people, skinny people problems 0

10 Things Only Extremely Skinny People Can Relate To

Skinny people are extremely health conscious. They make every effort to ensure that they are in best of their shapes. There are some particular things and facts that these skinny people can relate to...

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19 Extremely Hilarious Pictures To Lift Your Mood

Have a lovely morning with these extremely hilarious pictures. People do blunders and share them all around and you get the chance to entertain yourself by their act of funny sharing. Have a look...

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Did You Know These Terms Have Different Meaning In Sports?

Sports are challenging and exciting at the same time. Did you know that there are certain terms in sports which mean entirely different from their original meaning? Some of the most amusing sports terms...