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Most Dangerous Animals - Cape Buffalo 0

Do You Know Which Are The Most Dangerous Animals!

Animals form a vital part of our biosphere and contribute a significant role in making the Earth beautiful. Howsoever we might be attracted to them, the reality is that many of these are dangerous...

Foods for immunity in Winter - Herbs and Spices 0

5 Foods To Boost Immunity During Winters!

With winters just around the corner, you will require immunity boosting foods to ward off any signs of flu or fever that might be licking around the corner. Thankfully, a range of immunity boosting...

Honest Brand Slogans 0

Brutally Honest Taglines For Famous Brands!

If brands were honest with us what would have been their tag lines. Here we share with you some brutally honest slogans and taglines for some of the brands we use day to day!

most momentous protests in history - Occupation of Wall Street 0

Top 10 Most Momentous Protests Ever!

At times things do not go the way you had wished them to be. This could be a local state level protest or something that has shaken the national conscious. Many such important momentous...

bes amusment parks from around the world - Port Aventura, Salou, Spain 0

Top 10 Amusement Parks In The World!

In today’s busy era families find little time for relaxation. The biggest brunt of this commotion is borne by children who feel neglected. It would be a better idea to take some time out...

Best Wildlife parks in the world - Madikwe Game Reserve 0

Top 10 Best Wildlife Reserves In The World!

Raw wilderness can only be explored if we head outdoors. However, given the stressful nature of lives we lead, finding time to explore nature is a big constraint. Thankfully, we have wildlife reserves where...

Most-Feared-Serial-Killers-Ted-Bundy 0

8 Most Psychotic Serial Killers Ever!

The history of crime is full of numerous instances when a killer has turned into a brutal person who continues with killing people ruthlessly, more for pleasure than for money. It is these killers...

Must haves for pet lovers - elephant lovers 0

Must Have Gift Items For Animal Lovers!

If you know an animal lover especially someone who loves an elephant or if you yourself a lover of the giant here are some awesome collectibles that are must have. Browse through them and...

Glowing Turtle 0

“Glowing” Sea Turtle Discovered!

A National Geographic Emerging Explorer, David Gruler, encountered a something shiny moving in the water while filming coral off the Solomon Islands. This shiny plate like object seemed to be some kind of a...

Maverick-Ohio-United-States 0

Scariest Rides In World Story!

If you are among those who love towering heights and wish that sky could be the limit for you, the below listed rides could indeed test your nerves. These are considered to be the...

MOHAMMED SATTAR - Dreamland-680x450 0

You Don’t Take a Photograph, You Make it.

Mohammed Sattar, is a professional photographer, born and brought up in Basra in Southern Iraq. He is not just a photographer but someone you would call a retoucher. He believes that photographs are not just...

Short but inspirational Lives - Samantha Smith 0

10 Short But Inspirational Lives!

Some people die young but leave an impressionable mark on others life often to the level that they are remembered for long. Below are listed some of these inspirational stories of people who died...

Distancing humans in digital world 0

Distancing Humans In This Digital World!

Kamil Kotarba is a photographer from Poland who has created a very unique series of images which show the sad state of humans in today’s digital world. He, through his photographs and artwork shows how...

Surreal World by Charlie Davoli- ulitimate artwork 0

The Surreal World By Charles Davoli!

Charles Davoli uses multiple forms of art to create ultimate masterpieces. The surreal world, as his artwork is called, will actually take you to another world, a world he has created by turning photographs...

Cheapest Holiday Destinations - Thailand 0

Top Value For Money Destinations For Holiday!

For travel freak people managing funds while planning travel is an issue as air tickets, visa fee and hotel charges take most of the budget. Fortunately though there are many cities across the world...

Hilarious Menu Fails 0

Hilarious Menu Fails! Must Read!

Restaurants try to give unique name to the items in their menu to tempt customers. All the restaurants try to keep some unique stuff to offer to their customers. But here are some menus...

“The Prophecy” Warns Against Environmental Damage 0

“The Prophecy” A Warning Against Environmental Damage!

Photographer Fabrice Monteiro in association with the Ecofund organization and Senegalese costume and fashion designer Doulsy (Jah Gal)  to create a series to highlight the destruction of the African landscapes. The series is called...

Top things on Bucket Lists - Travel around the world 0

Top 7 Things People Put On Their Bucket List!

Each one of us has distinct priorities. However, when it comes to prioritizing the ideas, many have clear indications on what they need to put on their bucket list. Below are listed top 7...

Awesome Street and wall art 0

Awesome 3D Street And Wall Art On Display!

Some Great Street and Wall Art by artists from around the world. Some of these look so real that you will take a minute before realizing that these are just illustrations and not real.

Graphite Drawings Look Insanely Real (2) 0

‘Extra-Real’ Graphite Drawings By Taisuke Mohri!

Taisuke Mohri is an artist from Japan who creates some fantastic sketches using graphite which probably look normal if you think it is made by some good artist, then he puts them in cracked frames to...

Moon inspired Lamps 0

Now You Can Get A Moon In Your Room!

We shared with you “Thunder Cloud Inspired Lamps” with you in more than an year back. Guess what? The world did not want to stop right there in bringing the nature into their living...

Comeback Failure - Ciara 0

10 Big Comeback Failures In Music Industry!

Stars from music  industry have a hectic life. Success rules high on their mind. However, time never remains same and these stars too have to witness bad times. Below are listed some of the...

Nature Creating Heart With Art 0

Nature+Art+Love = Spectacular Hearts!

  Nature, Art and Love all three are exceptionally beautiful things if you have a vision to see. But when all combine it is a spectacle. Here is nature showing love through its Art.